Book Review: Scotland's Wings by Robert Jeffrey

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My first ever museum job was in an aerospace museum and, as a result of that, I will always have a fascination with planes and aviation history. I was excited to read Robert Jeffrey's Scotland's Wings as I was keen to find out more about Scotland's aeronautical connections. 

Jeffrey drew me in within the introduction by talking about famous Bristol planes the Brabazon and Britannia - planes that I already knew quite a lot about. From the outset it is clear that the author is an aviation enthusiast and holds an in-depth knowledge of the topic. 

Throughout his book, Jeffrey discusses Scotland's pioneering work in the aviation industry from early wooden frame based aircraft to zeppelins and space shuttles. Having previously learned a great deal about how crucial the city of Bristol is to aviation and aerospace history, I found it really fascinating to learn about Scotland's connections within the industry. Jeffrey highlights key innovators and inventions throughout history, demonstrating how Scotland was a hub for key developments in aerospace history. 

If you like aeroplanes and their history, I'd recommend this book to you as you're guaranteed to learn about fascinating individuals and innovations. 

Scotland's Wings is available to purchase via Black & White Publishing. 


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