Book Review: The Fall of Roman Britain and Why We Speak English by John Lambshead


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 John Lamshead's new book, The Fall of Roman Britain and Why We Speak English, is an interesting analysis of the abrupt fall of Roman Britain. His particular focus is how and why Britain was so unlike former European provinces of the Western Empire, such as in terms of language and religion. The Fall of Roman Britain uses data from historians, archaeologists, climatologists and biologists to determine why Britannia was so different to the other former European provinces and had seemed to have few Roman cultural influences. Lambshead  I found it incredibly interesting that Lambshead analysed this question through a range of different perspectives, considering both historical and scientific reasoning. 

 As mentioned in my previous book review, Roman history isn't something that I have studied in great detail. With this in mind, I found Lambshead's writing style is both accessible and informative and easy to follow for those with a limited background knowledge. He initially sets out the main questions he intends to answer throughout the book. I found it particularly helpful that each chapter has its own conclusion to summarise the discussion as I find this helps consolidate my knowledge and confirms that I have understood the intended argument. As expected, his conclusion ensures that each question has been thoroughly answered and provides a concise summary of his findings. 

Whether you're an expert on the Roman Empire or someone like me who wants to learn more, you will find this book incredibly fascinating. John Lambshead provides a fresh perspective on the fall of Roman Britain and how it evolved in the way that it did. 

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