5 History Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

One of my favourite ways to learn about new topics is to listen to podcasts. Simply pop you headphones in whilst you're working or cooking or put one on in the background whilst your cleaning or having a bath. In classic nerd fashion, I obviously love a good historical podcast. I tend to look for ones that are entertaining yet informative whilst keeping me engaged and not have me drifting off thinking about what I might want for dinner. Without further ado, here are my top 5 history podcasts!

1. You're Dead to Me
Presented by 'Chief Nerd' of Horrible Histories and historian, Greg Jenner, You're Dead to Me cobmines comedy and history to explore a wide range of topics. In each episode, Greg is joined by an expert historian as well as a comedian to give you an alternative take on history. Together they explore the topic in depth, spouting fun facts whilst keeping you entertained. Caution, if you listen to this whilst at work you will get given weird looks for constantly giggling to yourself. You have been warned.
Favourite Episodes: History of General Elections, History of Victorian Christmas, Lord Byron

2. History Extra Podcast
In each episode a member of the History Extra team interview a world class historian on various topics from medieval history to Brexit. This podcast has been going for a while so there are hundreds of episodes to tantalise your ears.
Favourite Episodes: The Long History of Brexit, The Zinoviev Letter Conspiracy, The Amritsar Assassin

3. Dan Snow's History Hit 
With approximately 1 million listeners every month, Dan Snow's History Hit is the UK's most successful history podcast so I kind of have to include it don't I? Dan talks to various experts, historians and eye witnesses to bring you the most interesting and profound stories from history.
Favourite Episodes: The Man Who Volunteered for Auschwitz, How History Inspires Environmental Activism, Ink: A History of Tattooing

4. Stephen Fry's 7 Deadly Sins 
In Season 1 of this podcast, Stephen Fry talks us through some of humanities biggest milestones and technological advances. From the printing press to the Nobel Prize, this podcast will transform the way you think about the modern evolution of the human race.
Favourite Episode: A Faustian Pact

5. Not What You Thought You Knew with Dr. Fern Ridell
Hosted by the awesome historian, author and broadcaster, Dr. Fern Ridell, 'Not What You Thought You Knew' looks at history from a different perspective and will change the way you look at history.
Favourite Episode: The Mary Rose and the People of Tudor England

What are your favourite history podcasts? 


  1. You're dead to me and 7 Deadly sins are both excellent!


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