Are You Ready To Look Back At History?

Hello, my name is Amy and welcome to Looking Back at History. LBH is a website dedicated to, well looking at the past. Here I will discuss some interesting events, people and topics from throughout history.

A lot of people I meet love history and find it exciting to discover what has happened as wells as the lessons that we can learn from it but, let's face it, history books aren't always that inviting.

My aim with LBH is to make history a whole lot less boring and more accessible for all. I won't use too many long and fancy words. I'm not expecting any of my readers (if there will be any) to have much prior knowledge on the topics that I want to discuss so I will explain everything as clearly as I can. Without making it too boring of course.

"Why should I trust your information?", I hear you say. Well, I have a First Class degree in History from the University of the West of England. Self appreciation aside, I intend to include a list of sources from where I have obtained my information, also known as a bibliography so you know I'm not just making stuff up.

So, you have lots to look forward to. I am planning lots of exciting content from short fact files to longer debate pieces covering a whole range of topics. I am particularly interested in imperialism, foreign policy, European history, Fascism and Communism as well as local history and bizarre historical facts.

Thanks for starting this journey with me. Are you ready to look back at history?

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